Branding Project

Motion Concepts- Fall 2014

Branding project to represent the work by the video game developers at Vlambeer.

Logo, art assets and music from the games Ridiculous Fishing and Luftrausers by Vlambeer.

Motion Concepts Final - Know what's in your food

Motion Concepts Fall 2014

This is a little narrative short about the ingredient mostly found in bread and pastries, L-Cysteine.

Haiku Canyons

Motion Concepts- Fall 2014
Inspired by Tom Wilson's(Biff from Back to the Future!) Haiku section from his stand up:

Animation, art and music made by me.
Wind SFX used from this youtube video:

Pixel Knight

Sound Design - Fall 2013

This is an animation about a Knight arriving on a snowy planet to get revenge. 
Art assets, sound effects and music created by me.