Howl is a musical iPad game slice, where the player controls a wolf during a snowstorm and uses music and sound to locate and guide native wolf spirits back to their den. The game focuses on exploring the wolf’s sense of home within a community.

Howl is inspired by games that integrate music and soundscapes with interaction like Proteus and Sound Shapes, as well as games that tell a narrative through their mechanics (narrative mechanics) such as Journey and Another World. Unlike many games that rely on cutscenes and text/dialogue to communicate their story, Howl’s story is told through narrative mechanics, music and sound.

Here are some links you can use to download and try out my game on PC or Mac!!

Thesis May 2015 Links:

Howl for PC

Howl for Mac

How to play:

Headphones are necessary to play Howl. 
When a mouse button is held, your wolf follows the cursor.
Mouse left click- walk
Mouse right click- run

January 2016 Update Links:

Howl for PC

Howl for Mac

How to play:

Howl at glowing floor to access spirit world. Howl anywhere in spirit world to locate wolf spirits. Find the exit once all wolves are rescued in a level.
Controller and Keyboard is supported.

(xbox) Controller:

Dpad- Move

a- Howl

x- Hold while moving to run



WASD/Arrow keys- Move

Spacebar - Howl

Shift - Hold while moving to run

g- to reset level if any bugs appear